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about Kambiz Moshtaq

Appropriate and accessible architecture is our main issue. Now for most people living in a wide area of the Middle East and Asia, a suitable and designed space is not available, in the private and public sphere. The life of humans and especially children in these type of spaces passes without necessary charm and imagination.

In the absence of tradition era and its historic elements, alternative spaces usually lack the quality that human life needs in modern times. Thus, the major cities of the developing countries of Asia, especially in the Middle East, constitute a collection of inadequate and low-quality buildings that offer only the smallest possible space to humans.

Contemporary design solutions and the need to create the most space capability and variety at the lowest cost and to give importance to the interior space and the development of the interior capabilities of the building to the outer shell are the main principles in our design method. Also, the proper urban function of the building in its neighborhoods so that the scope of construction of the building and the neighboring texture is also improved is one of our other approaches in designing the building and urban spaces.

We are a small but optimistic group that hopes that the efforts of groups like us in these parts of the world can improve the living conditions for thousands of people because to build is basically an optimistic action. In our opinion, architecture can sometimes relieve suffering and pain like medicine.

about Kambiz Moshtaq architecture office
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